After Love, What? – Dwight Lyman Moody

After love comes peace. I have before remarked, a great many people are trying to make peace. But that has already been done. God has not left it for us to do; all that we have to do is to enter into it. It is a condition, and instead of our trying to make peace and to work for peace, we want to cease all that, and sweetly enter into peace.

If I discover a man in the cellar complaining because there is no light there, and because it is cold and damp, I say: “My friend, come up out of the cellar. There is a good warm sun up here, a beautiful spring day, and it is warm, it is cheerful and light; come up, and enjoy it.” Would he reply, “O, no, sir; I am trying to see if I can make light down here; I am trying to work myself into a warm feeling.” And there he is working away, and he has been at it for a whole week. I can imagine my reader’s smile; but you may be smiling at your own picture; for this is the condition of many whom I daily meet who are trying to do this very thing – they are trying to work themselves into peace and joyful feelings. Peace is a condition into which we enter; it is a state; and instead of our trying to make peace, let us believe what God’s Word declares, that peace has already been made by the blood of the Cross. Christ has made peace for us, and now what He desires is that we believe it and enter into it. Now, the only thing that can keep us from peace is sin. God turneth the way of the wicked upside down.

There is no peace for the wicked, saith my God. They are like the troubled sea that can not rest, casting up filth and mire all the while; but peace with God by faith in Jesus Christ – peace through knowledge of forgiven sin, is like a rock; the waters go dashing and surging past it, but it abides. When we find peace, we shall not find it on the ground of innate goodness; it comes from without ourselves, but into us. In the 16th chapter of John and the 33d verse we read:

“These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.”

In me ye might have peace. Jesus Christ is the author of peace. He procured peace. His gospel is the gospel of peace.

Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be unto all people; for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,” and then came that chorus from heaven “Glory to God in the highest; peace on earth.” He brought peace.

“In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

How true that in the world we have tribulation. Are you in tribulation? Are you in trouble? Are you in sorrow? Remember this is our lot. Paul had tribulation, and others shared in grief. Nor shall we be exempt from trial. But within, peace may reign undisturbed. If sorrow is our lot, peace is our legacy. Jesus gives peace; and do you know there is a good deal of difference between His peace and our peace? Any one can disturb our peace, but they can’t disturb His peace. That is the kind of peace He has left us. Nothing can offend those who trust in Christ.