SUFFERING - True Service - Charles Spurgeon

Old Betty was converted late in life, and though very poor, was very active. She visited the sick ; out of her own poverty she gave to those who were still poorer ; collected a little money from others when she could give none of her own, and told many a one of the love of the savior. At last she caught cold and rheumatism, and lay in bed month after month, pain-worn and helpless. A good minister went to see her, and asked, if after her active habits she did not find the change very hard to bear. no, sir, not at all, when i was well, i used to hear the lord say day by day, 1 Betty, go here ; Betty, go there ; Betty, do this ; Betty, do that ; ‘ and i used to do it as well as 1 could ; and now i hear him say every day, ‘ Betty, lie still and cough.’ ” — James Hamilcar, DJ.k.