...I will declare what he hath done for my soul. Psalm 66:16

A Testimony is to tell others what God has done in your life. David sang of God’s work in his life. Many wrote down how God met them and guided them. Samuel in the Old Testament did not know God (while living in God’s temple). But there came a day when he heard the voice of God, responded, and met with God. Paul in the New Testament would often tell the story of his conversion to propagate the gospel in the book of Acts.

We are blessed to have many text narratives of how many Christians from different pasts and backgrounds met with God through Jesus Christ. From the conversion of Charles Spurgeon, ex-drunkards, ex-religious, ex-Satanists, and even ex-prostitute and cult members. There are riveting true stories to identify with and inspire. We should remember the simple testimony of a child meeting Jesus is as precious in the sight of God as when a drunkard is radically set free. We trust you enjoy these . Do you have a Testimony?

Discover a spectrum of Christian narratives—from Charles Spurgeon’s transformative journey to stories of ex-drunkards and ex-religious individuals. Each narrative stands as a powerful testament to encountering God through Jesus Christ. As you immerse in these inspiring stories, cherish the truth that every narrative, whether from a child or a reformed drunkard, holds precious value in God’s sight 

Enjoy these captivating narratives, share your narratives, and become part of the ongoing journey of faith. Embrace the diverse experiences that unfold within these narratives, finding inspiration and connection in every encounter with the divine.