A Quiet Mind

I have a treasure which I prize;
Its like I cannot find:

I have a treasure which I prize;
Its like I cannot find:
There’s nothing like it on the earth;
‘Tis this — a quiet mind.

But ’tis not that I’m stupefied,
Or senseless, dull, or blind;
‘Tis God’s own peace within my heart,
Which forms my quiet mind.

I found this treasure at the cross:
And there, to every kind
Of weary, heavy-laden souls,
Christ gives a quiet mind.

My Saviour’s death and risen life,
To give it were designed;
His love, the never-failing spring
Of this, my quiet mind.

The love of God within my breast,
My heart to Him doth bind;
This is the peace of heaven on earth —
This is my quiet mind.

I’ve many a cross to take up now,
And many left behind;
But present troubles move me not,
Nor shake my quiet mind.

And what may be to-morrow’s cross,
I never seek to find;
My Saviour says: “Leave that to me,
And keep a quiet mind.

And well I know the Lord hath said,
To make my heart resigned,
That mercy still shall follow those
Who have this quiet mind.

I meet with pride of wit and wealth,
And scorn, and looks unkind;
It matters not — I envy none,
While I’ve a quiet mind.

I’m waiting now to see my Lord,
So patient and so kind;
I want to thank Him face to face,
For this my quiet mind.