Bill McLeod Audio Sermons

Bill Mcleod is known as a powerful preacher who was used of God in the Canadian Revival in the 1970s and associated in ministry to the much-appreciated Setera Twins. He has preached in many countries across the world and is remembered as a man of prayer, humble who loved the word of God and preached with unction while staying true to scripture. The word was a sword from his mouth and burnt in his heart as he loved Jesus Christ and would not compromise on the message God gave him. God used him in mercy, but all glory goes to Jesus alone. appreciated

Bill Mcleod Sermons Speaker

Bill Mcleod Audio Sermons

(Grace Baptist) Die To Self Bill Mcleod

(Grace Baptist) Finding God's Will Bill Mcleod

(Grace Baptist) No Small Stir Bill Mcleod

A Fearful Thing Bill Mcleod

A Fearful Thing Part 2 Bill Mcleod

A Friend With God

A Friend With God Bill Mcleod

A Godly Pattern

A House of Prayer Bill Mcleod

A Personal Pentecost

A Tragic Discrepancy

Abide In Christ

Accounting To The Almighty God

All Prayer

Are You Ready For Christ's Return

Ashamed Or Filled Bill Mcleod

Be Men Bill Mcleod

A Cultivated Heart - Doug Caudill

Be Thankful Bill Mcleod


David Wilkerson, a prominent figure in Christian ministry, is best known for his transformative work in Times Square and his influential book, “The Cross and the Switchblade.” Born on May 19, 1931, Wilkerson devoted his life to serving others and spreading the message of faith. In the 1950s, he founded the Teen Challenge ministry, which aimed to help troubled youth, particularly those involved in gangs and addiction. His experiences in New York City’s Times Square, as chronicled in “The Cross and the Switchblade,” highlighted his dedication to reaching out to the marginalized and offering them hope and redemption. Wilkerson’s story became a catalyst for positive change, inspiring countless individuals to embrace faith and overcome life’s challenges.

Bill Mcleod Sermons Speaker