Religion Costing Little – Charles Spurgeon

HOW few Christians have ever read this text and understood it, “Sell what you have and give alms.” Their almsgiving has never come to that; they have given but the cheese-parings and candle-ends to Christ; they never knew they had given them, they made no sacrifice to do so. Many do not give to Jesus so much in a year as it costs to clean their shoes. Christ’s cause costs them not half the hire of the most menial servant in their kitchens. Is not this a crying evil, to be answered for by those who are guilty of it? How can we expect the kingdom to come, and the cause of Christ to grow, while in these days of unreal profession Christ’s followers deny him his due, and straiten the treasury of his church. If no garments strew the road, and no man gives up his colt, how shall the prince celebrate a triumph?