Repentance -Must be remember – Charles Spurgeon

The gondoliers at Venice, when we were sojourning in that queen of the Adriatic, frequently quarreled with each other, and used such high words and ferocious gestures that we were afraid murder would come of it ; yet they never came to blows, it was only their rough way of disputing. Often and often have we heard men upbraiding themselves for their sins and crying out against the evil which their follies have wrought them, yet these very people have continued in their trans- egressions and have even gone from bad to worse. They barked too much at sin to fall to and destroy it. Their enmity to evil was mere feigning; like the swordplay of the stage, which looks like earnest fight, but no wounds are given or received. Let those who play at repentance remember that they who repent in mimicry shall go to hell in reality.