What is Your Life?

What is Your Life? As vapor appears, and then fades from our sight, Or flowers that bloom, and then wither at night; The life that we live has no sooner begun, But that it is ending, and soon will be done. As all of my fathers have lived and then died; It soon will be […]


Waves I’ve stood upon the ocean’s shore And watched the waves an hour or more, And every wave that rose and fell Inspired awe I cannot tell. I’ve seen the humpback whale at play. I’ve seen him splash; I’ve seen him spray. He dances with the very waves That make for many watery graves. The […]


Trials Some trials grow harder as time goes on, And long is the wait for the break of dawn. But the sun that has set Is the sun that will rise, And the crown that I’ll get Is an infinite prize. As fire that never will say enough, Afflictions will burn, and the path is […]

They Who Wait Upon the Lord.

They Who Wait Upon the Lord. Whose strength can help when things are rough; And human strength is not enough? The way it has been put to me; I turn and put it now to thee: Who scooped his hand down from the skies, And measured out the ocean’s size? Who by his strength that […]

My Worth

My Worth Dear Father, I’m seeing myself as a worm. The truth that I’m nothing the Scriptures affirm, But pride doesn’t like all the feelings I feel. I want to be something that’s worth a great deal. But turning to Jesus and seeing His cross, It brings me to tears, as I think of the […]

My Wanted Blessing

My Wanted Blessing Though friends receive the blessing I had wanted, And I am left without a hope, I know my faith in God will stand undaunted, For He will give me strength to cope. If I must face the trial of disaster, Though friends forsake on every side, I still will love my only […]

My God is Still the Same

My God is Still the Same When I’m lost on the road I’ve traveled many years, When the things that I knew Are now my doubts and fears, When the dreams that I dreamed Are now my broken heart, When the hope that I had Is fallen all apart, When the certain things change, Secure […]

My Father’s Hand

My Father’s Hand I’m traveling through a foreign land, Where devils lurk on every hand, But still by faith I face each fear, And trust my Father’s hand is near. And as a stranger in this land, I’ve learned to trust my Saviour’s Hand; For He is God who made all things, And He is […]

Give Thanks to the Lord

Give Thanks to the Lord Sorrow possess my soul; Troubles beyond my control Are posing a powerful threat; The devil is laying his net, Hoping to catch and destroy; Trying to rob me of joy. But the God of the day is the God of the night, And I trust in the one who has […]

A Lesson From a Finch

A Lesson From a Finch A finch was hopping on the ground,And calmly eating what he found,Until a blue jay flying byLet out his horrifying cry. How cruel and naughty was the jayTo scare the little bird away!It’s only right the finch should feelSome anger for his troubled meal. It seemed the jay was having […]