Leaving Us an Example, that ye should follow His Steps

O Jesu, Thou didst leave Thy glorious home,
Of brightness more than mortal eye could bear,
And joys ineffable, alone to roam
Through earth’s dark wilderness in grief and want and care.
Thou didst exchange the praise of seraph voices
For sin-made discords and the wail of pain,
The anthems swelling high where each in Thee rejoices
For fierce revilings in the world where unbelief doth reign.
Yes, Thou didst leave Thy bliss-encircled dwelling,
Of joy and holiness and perfect love,
And camest to this world of sorrow, telling
Each weary one the way to realms of rest above.
Mark we Thy walk along the holy way,
Each step is graven, that all the path may trace
Which leads where Thou art gone, and never may
The powers of darness one bright step erase!
And Thou hast left a solemn word behind Thee,
Solemn, yet fraught with blessing; would we learn
How we may gain Thy dwelling, and there find Thee?
Thou sayest, “Follow Me.” Be this our great concern
And oh how blessèd thus to mark each hour
The footsteps of our Saviour, and to know
That in them we are treading,Then each flower
Of hope seems fairer, and each joy doth yet more brightly glow.
Oh that I always followed Him alone!
I know that I am His, for I have bowed
In peaceful faith before my Saviour’s throne,
And gladly there to Him my life, my all, have vowed.
And He hath pardoned me, and washed away
Each stain of guilt, and bade me quickly rise
And follow Him each moment of each day;
And He hath set a crown of life and joy before mine eyes.
How can I turn aside and wound the love
That gave Himself to bleed and die for me!
How can I stray, and grieve the holy Dove
Who lights my soul, opening mine eyes to see!
O Saviour, fix my wayward, wandering heart
Upon Thyself, that I may closely cling
To Thy blest side, and never more depart
From Thee, my loved Redeemer, Thee, my heart’s own King.
And grant me daily grace to follow Thee
Through joy and pleasure, or through grief and sadness,
Until an entrance is voucyhsafed to me
In Thy bright home of holiness and gladness.

Frances Havergal


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