The Bonds are Broken

The law of sin and death may reign,
Increasing misery and pain,

The law of sin and death may reign,
Increasing misery and pain,
Where blinded men its bonds embrace,
But God be praised who offers grace,
And frees me from sin’s bitter claw,
By issuing a better law
The law of life and liberty;
The law of Christ by which I’m free.

The bonds are broken.  I am free.
Sin has no power over me;
No pow’r to bend me to its will;
No more must I its lusts fulfill.
Its power my members to coerce
Christ’s resurrection does reverse.
To righteousness I’m free to yield;
The law of sin has been repealed.

The tempter, having lost his prey,
Will yet attempt to keep his sway.
The truth he gladly would obscure,
And give for sin but half a cure.
“Its bonds,” he says, “are still too tight.
“’Twill do no good for you to fight.
“You cannot help but sometimes sin.
“The vict’ry is too hard to win.”

But Christ another message gives.
He says I’m free because he lives.
No matter what the trial be,
Sin has no power over me.
It has no power to compel,
It has no charm, no magic spell
That makes me in its follies share.
Christ’s likeness I am free to bear.

In righteousness I’m free to walk,
Regardless of the tempter’s talk,
Regardless of the sin around
(For sin does everywhere abound.)
It has on me no stake nor claim.
I’m known of Christ and bear his name.
My Saviour died, but now he lives,
And he my freedom freely gives.

Nita Brainard

Romans 6

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