To Taste a Real Revival

I want a visitation
Of manna from above,

I want a visitation
Of manna from above,
Another Great Awakening,
A feast of heaven’s love.
I want the Spirit’s power
To move among the saints,
To purify our flagging faith,
And purge our selfish taints.

I want the living waters
To flow from every soul,
To bring a great refreshing flood
To wash from pole to pole.
Oh, let the arid peoples
The world around be drenched.
Oh, let their thirst awakened be,
And let their thirst be quenched.

I want the old, old story,
With old-time power again,
With old-time fire and old-time love
To melt the hearts of men.
I want the glorious gospel,
To have its fullest sway,
To win the weak, sin-burdened souls
And wash their sins away.

I want the self-sufficient,
The worldly and the vain,
To waken from their deadly sleep
And throw off Satan’s chain.
I want the lowest wretches,
The weak, despised, and base
To find God’s great redeeming love
And sing Amazing Grace.

I want the great rejoicing
Of fettered souls set free
To praise their new-found Saviour’s name
And bask in liberty.
I want the work enduring,
With depth and purity,
With fruits abounding multiplied
Unto eternity.

Nita Brainard

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