The Incarnation

The Incarnation The shepherds wondered at the sight Of angels singing in the night, But angels wondered at the thought That God had incarnation wrought! How awed the angels must have been To see their God as He was then! Their source of worship night and day Was lying on a bed of hay! What […]

To Die a Martyr

To Die a Martyr I’m not afraid to die a martyr But am afraid to die a fool. It’s not with death I fear to barter, But folly I refuse to duel. To die a martyrs death is gladness What higher honor could be mine? To die for some adventure madness. What good is death […]

If I Believe

If I Believe If I believe that Jesus died for me, Why would I hesitate to live for him? Should not a life of serving Jesus be A goal so bright it makes all others dim? If I believe that Jesus died for all, And if I’ve read where it is written: go, How dare […]

To Live Is Christ

To Live Is Christ Am I afraid to live the life of Paul? Afraid to heed the Macedonian call? I’m not afraid to take an open door I fear a life that’s not worth dying for. I say with Paul, without a care for pain: For me to live is Christ, to die is gain. […]

The Sacrifice of Praise

The Sacrifice of Praise A negative spirit so often prevails, And following closely, discouragement trails. But God, who is rich in his mercy and grace, Has left us a marvelous pattern to trace. And offer a sacrifice made of acclaim; The fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name! The devil destroys every Christian […]

My Goal for Life

My Goal for Life There are a thousand snares on every hand, That hinder progress to the promised land, It’s Satan’s plan that’s meant for crime But none the less I higher climb For every test is by my Father planned. I want to be a soldier of the cross, And let my savior separate […]

O How It Breaks My Heart

O How It Breaks My Heart I prayed to see this world Through Jesus eyes and heart, But oh I didn’t know Just what that would impart. O how it breaks my heart, To see the souls around me, And to know, Where they go. O how it breaks my heart; To see the drunk man […]

O How I Love Thy Law

O How I Love Thy Law Unspotted is the fear of God, And ever doth endure; The judgments of the Lord are truth, And righteousness most pure. O how I love thy law; It is my meditation all the day. His precepts are to be desired; More than the purest gold. The sweetness and the […]

Work and Sleep

Work and Sleep My work is like a lion roaring in my ear, But sleep is like a crocodile a bit too near. I face the lion like a knight who won’t retreat; Until the crocodile has pulled me off my feet. There’s so much work to do that needs attention now; I need to […]

When He Says “Well Done”

When He Says “Well Done” Though all the world despise my stand, And not a friend will hold my hand, I know some day mine eyes shall see The one who asked hard things of me, And all the mockings I received, Because of things that I believed, Will seem as nothing when He says, […]

What Jesus Sees

What Jesus Sees Yes, I can see the pretty trees, But can I see what Jesus sees? Do I see that man beneath that tree, How he’s crying for some love from me? And do I see what Jesus sees? The bikers riding in the square? My legs may itch to join them there, But […]

What is Your Life?

What is Your Life? As vapor appears, and then fades from our sight, Or flowers that bloom, and then wither at night; The life that we live has no sooner begun, But that it is ending, and soon will be done. As all of my fathers have lived and then died; It soon will be […]


Waves I’ve stood upon the ocean’s shore And watched the waves an hour or more, And every wave that rose and fell Inspired awe I cannot tell. I’ve seen the humpback whale at play. I’ve seen him splash; I’ve seen him spray. He dances with the very waves That make for many watery graves. The […]


Trials Some trials grow harder as time goes on, And long is the wait for the break of dawn. But the sun that has set Is the sun that will rise, And the crown that I’ll get Is an infinite prize. As fire that never will say enough, Afflictions will burn, and the path is […]

Though Jesus Was Rich

Though Jesus Was Rich Though Jesus was rich, yet He became poor, That I by His want might gain. He promised a home, where riches endure, And where there is never pain. Though Jesus was God, yet He became Man, That He may His life lay down And all of his pain, was part of […]

This Modern Gospel

This Modern Gospel This modern gospel that I hear Has taken out the bitter cup And then this cry upon my ear, “We want our spirits lifted up!” But I refuse to hear that call; My ear is deaf; my mind is fixed. I will not change a word at all. I’ll preach the gospel […]

They Who Wait Upon the Lord.

They Who Wait Upon the Lord. Whose strength can help when things are rough; And human strength is not enough? The way it has been put to me; I turn and put it now to thee: Who scooped his hand down from the skies, And measured out the ocean’s size? Who by his strength that […]

The Only Respectable Hope

The Only Respectable Hope If you can believe there is goodness in you, Then any of many religions will do. In every religion that man ever made, It’s all about getting a high enough grade. But Jesus has showed us a narrower path, Where He is the only remover of wrath, For only the merit […]

Public Schools

Public Schools What is it with these public schools today? Where kids get taught it’s fine if you are gay: Where false religions they accept high hand, But Christianity of course they banned. We lower all the tests so kids can pass, And take God’s name in vain and call it class. Where missing links […]

O Lord, How Long?

O Lord, How Long? O Lord, how long will this vile world Reject your endless grace? How long will they reject the light While darkness they embrace? O Lord, how long will Satan rule And keep his prisons fast? How long till in his prison cell The devil will be cast? O Lord, how long […]

My Worth

My Worth Dear Father, I’m seeing myself as a worm. The truth that I’m nothing the Scriptures affirm, But pride doesn’t like all the feelings I feel. I want to be something that’s worth a great deal. But turning to Jesus and seeing His cross, It brings me to tears, as I think of the […]

My Wanted Blessing

My Wanted Blessing Though friends receive the blessing I had wanted, And I am left without a hope, I know my faith in God will stand undaunted, For He will give me strength to cope. If I must face the trial of disaster, Though friends forsake on every side, I still will love my only […]

My Name for Jesus’ Name

My Name for Jesus’ Name I heard a man use Jesus’ name in vain; With my own ears I heard it clear and plain. And now his blood is placed upon my head, For lack of saying what I should have said. I should have fought to honor Jesus’ name; Instead I left it lie […]

My God is Still the Same

My God is Still the Same When I’m lost on the road I’ve traveled many years, When the things that I knew Are now my doubts and fears, When the dreams that I dreamed Are now my broken heart, When the hope that I had Is fallen all apart, When the certain things change, Secure […]

My Father’s Hand

My Father’s Hand I’m traveling through a foreign land, Where devils lurk on every hand, But still by faith I face each fear, And trust my Father’s hand is near. And as a stranger in this land, I’ve learned to trust my Saviour’s Hand; For He is God who made all things, And He is […]

My Desire

My Desire I’ve tasted of my Saviour’s grace; I’ve felt His love to Adam’s race. And now I covet, To have more of it. Lift up Thy shining face. He died to bring me to the fold, And what I owe can not be told. I’m therefore pining, For His refining; Where I’ll come forth […]

Jesus Is God

Jesus Is God The God who has made both heaven and earth Has come as a man of lowliest birth. Our sins He forgives; our wounds He will heal, For Jesus is God, and Jesus is real! I know of a place without any night; (No need of the sun; the Lamb is the light;) […]

It’s When You Look at Earth

It’s When You Look at Earth It’s when you look at earth, And covet all its gold, Forgetting what it’s worth In light of “wealth untold,” That you forget the things That matter most in life, Like love and what it brings, Dispelling fear and strife. It’s faith and hope and love, That must be […]

Is It Bold?

Is It Bold? Is it bold for a baker to talk about bread?Is it bold to repeat what another man said? Is it bold for a Christian to quote from the Word? Is it bold to pass on what you’ve already heard? Is it odd for mechanics to talk about cars? Is it odd when […]

In Christ

In Christ I deserve to feel God’s wrath; To have it poured on me like wine. Death and Hell are in my path; The curse of sin is justly mine. But in Christ it isn’t so; I am forgiven, blessed, and free. God no longer is my foe; For Christ has paid the price for […]

I Wanna See You

I Wanna See You Reveal your love to me. I beg you let me see, Your blessed shining face, And flood me with your grace. And by your loving kindness, I pray you heal my blindness. I want a clearer view, Of all the love in you. With you I want to dwell, Beside the […]

I Saw the Light

I Saw the Light I thought I was okay. I thought my sins were small. I thought that I was good; That I was strong and tall. Until I saw the Light! And then I saw my sin, And saw that hell was just For all the things I’d done, So go to hell I […]

I Once… But Now

I Once… But Now I once was called a real believer, But now I am believing. I once had known about the asking, But now about receiving. I once had known about my Jesus, But now He knows my name. I once had heard about the fire, But now I feel the flame. I once […]

Give Thanks to the Lord

Give Thanks to the Lord Sorrow possess my soul; Troubles beyond my control Are posing a powerful threat; The devil is laying his net, Hoping to catch and destroy; Trying to rob me of joy. But the God of the day is the God of the night, And I trust in the one who has […]

Give Glory To His Name

Give Glory To His Name The sun to rule the day, The moon and stars by night Give glory to his name, By showing God is light. This mighty universe, The planets, earth and sun Give glory to God’s name, By showing what he’s done! This infinite creation, This endless outer space Give glory to […]


Give We represent a giving God, So let us walk where Jesus trod; He gave His blood to ransom men He knew would not be born again. So let us give our goods away, And give to those who can’t repay. The only way this world will find God has eternal good in mind Is […]

Father, Teach Me

Father, Teach Me My heart is full of sin, and I’m defiled,But still my Father wants me for his child;So I will honor him as best I can,And use his Spirit in the inner man.Father, teach me how to watch and pray.Father, help me walk the narrow way. My Saviour’s love constrains me more and […]

A Little Prayer

A Little Prayer God, I want to love you more,Than I ever have before.Purify my heart and mind:Take out every sin you find. God, I’m doing what I can,But I fail in every plan.Flesh is weak, but God is strong.Be my strength and be my song. God, I want to do what’s right,But I almost […]

A Lesson From a Finch

A Lesson From a Finch A finch was hopping on the ground,And calmly eating what he found,Until a blue jay flying byLet out his horrifying cry. How cruel and naughty was the jayTo scare the little bird away!It’s only right the finch should feelSome anger for his troubled meal. It seemed the jay was having […]

A Fountain of Tears

A Fountain of Tears Oh, that my tears for my people were flowing!Oh, for a fountain of endless supply!Oh, that the love in my heart would be growing!Then for the sins of my people I’d cry. Oh, that my weeping would be efficacious!Oh, that revival would grip every hand!Oh, that the people would find he […]

A Fool for Christ

A Fool for Christ I could pursue acceptance from all menAnd fear the grave, the stake, the lion’s den.I could pursue a well-known, honored nameAnd seek approval, praise, and earthly fame. I choose instead affliction with my Lord,Esteeming His reproach as my reward.I glory in my weakness and my painFor earthly loss will bring eternal […]