God’s Message:

To Him That Is Far Off

Peace, Peace!
To Him That Is Far Off

Peace, Peace!
To him that is far away.
Turn, O wanderer!  why wilt thou die,
When the peace is made that shall bring thee
Listen, O rebel!  the heralds proclaim
The King’s own peace through a Saviour’s
Then yield thee to-day.

Peace, peace!
The word of the Lord to thee.
Peace, for thy passion and restless pride,
For thy endless cravings all unsupplied,
Peace for thy weary and sin-worn breast;
He knows the need who has promised rest,
And the gift is free.

Peace, peace!
Through Him who for all hath died!
Wider the terms than thy deepest guilt,
Or in vain were the blood of our Surety spilt:
Even because thou art far away
To thee is the message of peace to-day,
Peace through the Crucified.

And To Him That Is Near

Peace, peace!
Yes, peace to him that is near.
The crown is set on the Victor’s brow,
For thy warfare is accomplished now;
And for thee eternal peace is made
By the Lord on whom thy sins were laid;
Then why shouldst thou fear?

Peace, peace!
Wrought by the Spirit of Might.
In thy deepest sorrow and sorest strife,
In the changes and chances of mortal life,
It is thine, beloved!  Christ’s own bequest,
Which vainly the Tempter shall strive to wrest;
It is now thy right.

Peace, peace!
Look for its bright increase;
Deepening, widening, year by year,
Like a sunlit river, strong, calm, and clear,
Lean on His love through this earthly vale,
For His word and His work shall never fail,
And “He is our Peace.”

Frances Ridley Havergal